Peanut Butter

Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter

Make breakfast and merienda more exciting with Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter! Spread on the smiles with tasty and creamy peanut butter that’s specially made with premium fresh-roasted peanuts and other choice ingredients. Smooth and irresistibly creamy, they’re perfect for sandwiches, crackers, kare-kare, baking, and even licking off spoons! They’re just that good and versatile.

Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter is available in two variants: Extra Thick & Creamy and Extra Thick & Nutty. Whether you want to make a simple sandwich or bake peanut butter cookies for your family, Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter helps you stir up something special your loved ones will enjoy.

Fresh-Roasted, Peanut Butter Delight in Every Jar

The road to a delicious breakfast or merienda may be smooth, creamy, or nutty, but all roads lead to Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter!

Barrio Fiesta Extra Thick & Creamy Peanut Butter

Whether it’s a quick breakfast fix, a simple afternoon snack, or a special family dinner — Barrio Fiesta Extra Thick & Creamy Peanut Butter makes mealtimes more fun and exciting. Made of high-quality peanut kernels and locally-sourced natural ingredients, its rich nutty flavor unlocks delicious magic with every bite.

Barrio Fiesta Extra Thick & Nutty Peanut Butter

Craving for peanut butter that packs a crunch? Look no further than Barrio Fiesta Extra Thick & Nutty Peanut Buuter. Loaded with peanuts and tons of texture, each jar is blended with fresh-roasted peanut pieces for those who appreciate a little crunch. You get the fun flavor and creamy texture of Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter, plus delectable crunchiness.

Why Choose Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter?

With every spoonful of Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter, you receive a delicious taste that nurtures the simple joys of everyday meals shared with your family. Spread it on bread, use it as an ingredient in cooking/baking, or lick it right from the spoon — there’s plenty of ways to enjoy Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter.

Try it now to spread good vibes and delight with every bite.

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